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Hi lovelies! These are my exclusive prices for VIP members ♡ They are available for every join option excluding the three day trial! If you have any questions, email me at sunshineandherlollipop@gmail.com x

SIGNED POLAROID: $20 (save $10!)
Have a sexy custom polaroid sent to your door, signed & kissed by me xo

For $40 you will recieve a free download link for all my filthy pornos- this means no more online streaming or subscription fees, you can download them once & they're yours forever! 

PANTIES: $80 (save $20!)
I mail you a pair of my dirty panties sealed in a zip-lock bag- including a ten minute panty stuffing video using the pair of your choice.

♡ 10 mins - $30 (save $70!)
♡ 15 mins - $40 (save $150!)
♡ 20 mins - $50 (save $150!)
♡ 30 mins (full length) - $120 (save $220!!)
ADD $20:
♡ for videos involving anal
♡  for outdoor/public videos
***select the "custom video" option on left, enter total $ amount, and add your video details/specifications in the "personal message" box***

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